Our Markets

Revenue by end market 2011

  • Markets by Revenue
  • 1. Civil Engineering 25%
    2. Flooring 18%
    3. Industrial 16%
    4. Building Products 15%
    5. Leisure 12%
    6. Transport 14%
Markets   Growth Drivers
1. Civil Engineering

A wide range of products used in major infrastructure projects including road and rail building, land reclamation and coastal defence. Woven and non-woven geotextiles have a wide range of uses including separation and filtration, membrane protection in landfills and reservoirs and for erosion control on riverbanks and coastlines. Speciality geosynthetics for erosion control, drainage, soil reinforcement and stabilisation and soil consolidation. Construction fibres used in concrete to reduce shrinkage and settlement cracking and as an alternative to steel mesh reinforcement of concrete.

  • Global infrastructure spend
  • Regulation
  • Urbanisation
2. Flooring

A range of high-performance primary backings for tufted carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and cushioned vinyl flooring.

  • Tile substitution for wall to wall
  • Asia commercial property
3. Industrial

A wide range of products into multiple application areas including screens and groundcover products in the professional horticulture market to improve yield and reduce energy consumption in the production of food, plants and cut flowers. Printable fabrics for large format prints used in large area outdoor and indoor advertising and smaller fabrics for point of sale displays. Coated fabrics for storage and containment, with application areas ranging from waste water, biogas, food and oil.

  • Efficient agricultural production
  • Outdoor advertising trends
  • Mining
  • Clean air
4. Building Products

A range of products in niche application areas of the commercial and residential building market. Specialist architectural coated fabrics used as membranes for roofing, in frame-supported industrial, event and sports halls, and marquees for leisure and business events. Roofing and flooring products based on both three-dimensional monofilament mats, composites and non-wovens with a variety of applications, including metal roof ventilation, subsurface drainage for green roofs, hard floor sound control and reinforcement for waterproof bituminous roofing membranes.

  • ‘Green’ products
  • Architectural trends
  • Cost-saving initiatives
  • Functionality requirements
5. Leisure

A diverse range of products for the sports and leisure sector. Monofilament and fibrillated synthetic yarns used in the construction of artificial grass for sports and landscaping applications. Coated fabric product range used in a variety of application areas, including sunshading, boat and pool, camping and sports.

  • Substitution of natural grass with artificial grass.
6. Transport

Products used in both heavy and light vehicle manufacture. Primary and secondary non-woven backings for moulded car carpets and option mats, also used as reinforcement and carrier substrates in hood liners, trunk liners, door panels, package trays and car seats or as support media for cabin air filters. Tarpaulins which are highly resilient and weatherproof and used in transport applications including trailer side curtain manufacture and transport protection in air, road, rail and sea freight.

  • European road haulage
  • Global premium-brand automotive production

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