Our Business Model

Our Key Process Skills

Innovative design and manufacture of components to meet specific customer needs

Our manufacturing processes begin with the sourcing of widely available polymers, including polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester and nylon, and formulating these using speciality additives and colours which help determine performance, aesthetics and processing efficiencies.

These proprietary polymer formulations are subsequently processed using our broad range of proprietary technologies, and are tailored to enable the final product to deliver the desired performance characteristics.

Our end product may be a speciality yarn, fabric or a composite material. They are typically components which are important determinants of the performance and/or efficiency of our customer’s final product or process.

Innovation lies at the heart of all we do. We commit significant resources to capture development ideas from our customers and the markets they operate in. We have teams of technical specialists and development engineers, who convert these ideas into new products with the desired performance effects. Once proven, our operations teams take over to industrialise the process. We use an outstanding innovative process to leverage our broad range of technology platforms to create products which make a real difference to our customers. This is our core skill and how we sustain competitive advantage, improve market share and enhance margins.

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